Policy of the Toscata Foundation


Musical life in the Netherlands is dynamic, varied and of a high order. The range of cultural activities in general, and music in particular is among the best in the world.
Musicians and music lovers from all parts of the world find their way to the Netherlands, and to the heart of the scene: Amsterdam.

Young talent finds inspiration in a musical world of international repute, which provides and creates opportunities for individual development and growth.
However, in the realm of practical realities, professional success on a national and international level for the classical musicians depends on more than talent, perseverance, and a good education. Also needed are financial support beyond one’s private means, guidance in the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills, and instruction in the management of one’s own career.

It was the consideration of need for indispensable support from private sources that led to the establishment of the Toscata Foundation.


The benefits to young musicians envisaged by the foundation will range from the programming, organizing and performing of concerts, events and festivals, to masterclasses and educational programs. Cross-overs with other artistic disciplines are viewed with particular favor.


The foundation took its first step in realizing its objective by commissioning a composition from Dutch composer Robin de Raaff. The commission consists of a work for violin and piano and a work for violin and orchestra. The Compositions are dedicated to violinist Tosca Opdam, and will receive world premieres in Carnegie Hall in New York, and in the Netherlands, respectively.