The board of the foundation is composed of its chairman drs. Julienne Straatman (consultant), its secretary mr. Klaas Pauw and its treasurer ir. Paul van der Schoot (management consultant).

The board focusses on:

Strategies to realize its objectives in accordance with its policy and bearing responsibility for:

  •  The annual report and statement of account
  •  Providing access to and developing networks
  •  Fundraising
  •  Monitoring progress and guidance for coping with difficulties where needed.


drs. Julienne Straatman


Additional functions

Chairman supervisory board Stichting Nederlands Kamerkoor
Chairman supervisory board Stichting Vocaal Talent Nederland/Nationale Koren
Chairman board Stiching Toscata
Chairman board Stichting Geef om Cultuur
Chairman board Stiching Artertainment
Vice-chairman board Stichting Award Cellobiƫnnale Amsterdam
Board member Stichting Niet Normaal
Board member Nederlandse Dansdagen
Advisory board member Weekend Academie
Committee of Recommendation Unda Foundation
Member editorial Board alumnimagazine Illuster Universiteit Utrecht


mr. Klaas Pauw

Additional functions

Chairman Board Stichting Prinsengrachtconcert
Chairman Board Stichting Johann
Chairman Board Vereniging De Nederlandse Kring van Beeldhouwers
Chairman Board Stichting 3D kunst


ir. Paul van der Schoot

Additional Function

Member board of directors Stichting FeCo